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Posted: October 25, 2010 in Uncategorized

“UnWritten” is a fine piece of storytelling. I was captured from the first paragraph and was never disappointed as I ripped through each story, each life, and each new nugget of gold mined from the deepest truths and emotions of the human heart. This collection of characters and their respective “stories” are bound together by the ongoing drama of Raphael, a lovable heavenly messenger. H. E. Hobson is skilled at peeling back the veneer of “life” to expose what are the truest treasures in this earthly journey.  I highly recommend “UnWritten” to all who love a good story, which causes you to take stock in your essential relationships!

Tommy D York
College & Career Pastor
Charlotte NC

“I was deeply moved from the first moment I picked up this book. This story has a way of opening up parts of your heart that may have been dormant or hiding. I believe all those who read this will be encouraged and challenged to live without regrets for the glory of God. As I know the author personally, his life bears the same mark on people, and I’m glad he wrote this.”

Derek Joseph Levendusky – Speaker, Author, Musician

Hobson’s book reminds us all that we are not alone in this world and there is more to life than we can see. Read UnWritten and be challenged to live a life without regrets.

Rick A. Mills
Author, Speaker, and America’s Youth Pastor Coach

UnWritten is brilliant, refreshing and a beautiful reminder that God truly works in mysterious ways.  It is a powerful story with clever and surprising characters that jump off the page. Hobson’s perfect blend of humor, love and redemption makes UnWritten an instant classic.

Alissa K Whyman Child Care Specialist

UnWritten The Book

Posted: October 21, 2010 in The Book
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UnWritten – The Book, will be out in November.  Here is a brief synopsis.

There are many angels, but there is only one Raphael. He dreamed of doing something great. Then he received an assignment that was top secret. To him that meant unimportant. Little did he know how wrong he was.

As an angel, prior to his new assignment, his contact with humans was limited. Nevertheless, he thought he knew them. As his story unfolds, he soon discovers that he did not know them at all. UnWritten tells the story of this novice angel and the discoveries he makes about humans, existence, and the Commander. UnWritten reads like a series of short stories seamlessly sewn together in order to convey some of life’s most important lessons.

Every story and encounter takes the reader on a journey to his or her own heart. The exploration of the painful places of life will bring hope to those who have suffered loss, encouragement to those seeking meaning, and faith to those who are drowning in an ocean of doubt and fear.

UnWritten leaves the reader wanting to live a life of purpose. It will inspire many to forgive and let go of painful obstacles of the past in order to reach for the shining promise of tomorrow. In the end, it provides a challenge for us all to live each day without regret and to leave no part of our lives UnWritten.