My name is Harlan Hobson. Who am I? Just a dad trying to show my kids hope in a world without hope, love in a world that so often chooses to hate, and integrity in a time where character is optional. Just a husband doing my best to love my Angel from Heaven in a way worthy of who she is. Just a man trying to impart the Love of Jesus Christ – the one who has changed my life completely. Because of Him, I can never be the same and could never deny the truth of who He is, was and always shall be.

  1. Kristin Mouw says:

    I want to get your words via email.

  2. Alexis Soto says:

    Hi Harlan, I think we met in Panama when you went and blessed my country and my life with Teen Mania Ministries.

    It’s great what you are doing now and how you inspire others with your testimonies and writings, best regards and would love to be in touch.

    Alexis Soto (Contact in Panama)

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