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Posted: April 28, 2010 in Life
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You may or may not be a football fan. You might care less about the latest NFL draft.  However, fan or not, it is difficult to ignore the Tim Tebow story.

Tebow was born on August 14, 1987 to missionary parents in the Philippines. While pregnant with him, his mother contracted a life-threatening infection.  The drugs used to save her caused him to be separated from the placenta while in the womb.  The Doctors expected a stillbirth and recommended an abortion to save her life.  She chose to go full term and Tim was born.

He flourished in High School football, even as a home-schooler.  He was allowed to play on a local public high school team (amid some controversy), in which he was selected the High School Player of the Year for the state of Florida: twice. 

He is best known as the College Quarterback for the Florida Gators, for which he was a Heisman winner and a part of two Championship winning teams.

Many football experts say he was one of the greatest college players to ever play the game.  But these same experts declare, “…he will never make it in the NFL, because he is not a pro-style QuarterBack…He has a bad throwing motion…he runs too much…”

When the Denver Broncos made a controversial decision to take him in the first round of the NFL draft, the critics were quick to voice their disapproval.

But there was something very powerful in Tebow’s response when a reporter reminded him of all of his critics; of how many people did not believe in him; of how many coaches did not embrace his style; of how many teams did not like him.

Tim’s answer was simple: “I don’t need all of the teams to like me, I just needed one”

What a powerful statement.

It’s easy in life to be obsessed with fitting in; always worried about what other people think of us.  But all we really need to worry about is what The One thinks about us. 

Matthew 6:34

34 “Give your entire attention to what God is doing right now, and don’t get worked up about what may or may not happen tomorrow. God will help you deal with whatever hard things come up when the time comes.

Win or lose, I think Tim Tebow is going to be just fine.  God help us to quit worrying about what “they” think about us and just live for The One that matters most.

  1. Joel Beyer says:

    I wish everyone really understood this. The thought that the only thoughts that matter are His, how amazing! We dont have to worry about what others think about us, not even what we think of ourselves. The only thing that matters is what He thinks of us. And He loves us and sees us in His perfection. We have been talking about this quite a bit here (ECC Olathe) with our youth kids. I pray that all of His people would understand this, accept it and live by it. People sure would view things a lot different in this world if they did. Great job!

  2. Agreed Joel! Thanks for the input.

  3. Joe Miller says:

    No one knows this more than me. To know me is to know how difficult it was when I was younger to “like” me, or “deal” with me.

    I was brought up in a strong Irish/Italian non-Christian home. In my family, to not have an opinion was to not exist. Coupled with me being from a broken hom and in 13 different schools in 13 years of schooling, it caused me to be very independent with a confidence that often came across as ego.

    I sat across from my future father-in-law at the young age of 19 and was told by him that he didn’t see me being able to be involved in ministry in any way shape or form EVER. To which I responded, “you don’t know my plan, only God does”

    My point is, the only one we have to please is God. Follow Him, trust Him, lean on Him and rely on Him.

    I had dreams and aspirations of being in full time ministry when I was young, but had no direction, no mentor,…..no one to help. But God was faithful. He sent me a mentor in Randy Johnson who mentored me for a year and knocked a lot of rough edges off me.

    Then by the grace of God I was passed to Harlan, where I learned what it meant to be a “man of God” / a minister / and someone who God could use.

    I am still at a little rough, but praise God I am now in full time ministry. Dare I say, God has put me in a place where I am a vital part of a successful ministry.

    18 years ago, I was Tim Tebow.


  4. Gerianne Lawrence says:

    What an encouraging and needed message this morning! Thank you my friend.

  5. You’re so welcome Gerianne! There is such freedom in knowing who you are in Christ!

  6. Candi says:

    VERY good! Love football and LOVE stories like this one. Even at 40 I constantly need to remember this lesson. Especially now – in my profession, in my community I do need to be regularly reminded that my worth and hapiness isn’t based on how much everyone else loves. My peace, joy, and confidence is found only in HIM. I always start with good intentions…loving on people in a way that I hope reflects the love of my Father….but often I can be guilty of blindly slipping into “earning their approval and attention”. Big difference between generous love and people pleasing. Just not always easy to see when you are the one teetering the line. Thank you for reminding me to take a step back and look at it through HIS eyes. 🙂

  7. Janet Pike says:

    I needed to have this today to read. Thanks Harlan,

  8. debi nunley says:

    Hey “old” friend,
    I just got to this site this morning and was blessed by it!! Very encouraging word of truth especially for me and my family right now…
    My husband, who has always needed a detailed plan for everything in his life, is now in his 3rd week in South Africa, following God’s directing for our families future!!
    In Feb. God directed us to put our house up for sale (we’re still waiting for who He’s sending to purchase it), and move in with my mother-in-law in preparation!!
    On Dereck’s return on June 3rd we are starting our journey of preparation to Cape Town, SA. We will be working with a ministry God has taken years of preparation to train us for.
    The ministry is JAM Africa which trains post high school student in leadership skills to reach their own! We will help them prosess through all God is teaching them so they can join Him in His plan for their lives.
    Life is moving fast but our desire is to hear “well done good and faithful servant”!
    As we continue to follow God’s directing many want to know the exact steps to “our plan”. We just tell them “our hands are off, it’s God’s plan, so we wait on Him!!!”

    “In a man’s heart he plans his course but GOD ORDERS EVERY STEP”!!

    Thank you for the encouraging word!! It came to Kansas at just the right time to encourage us and remind us to look only to HIM!!
    Debi (Perry) Nunley

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