I need your help

Posted: March 23, 2011 in The Book
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Hey there!  As many of you know, with God’s help, I was able to write and have a book published that is called UnWritten.  You never know how something like this is going to go. I felt like the story line was something that would speak to people and encourage them to live life to the fullest and also be encouraged to draw near to God.

Well… I am humbled and overjoyed with the feedback I am getting on this book.  There have been mother and daughters that have reconciled, youth pastors wanting to get copies for all of their youth, people who do not have a faith in God, now reaching out to find the Lord, and people from all walks of life sharing how the book impacted them and looking to get copies now for friends and families.

The book is available to bookstores across the nation, however, because I am an unknown, new author and the book has only been out for three months, the book is not on the shelves.  However, you can go into any Barnes and Noble, Borders, or any other book store, request the book and they will order it in.  It is also available on Amazon and will be available as an e-book very soon.

But here’s where I could use your help.  We have established a website, for ease of book purchasing.  I humbly ask for your help in  spreading the word and letting people know about it.


Also, a friend named Dave Bode produced a video promo for the book that is worth a viewing.  People can check it out right on YouTube.


Again, I am asking for your help because I believe God is using this book to touch hearts and change lives.  It is a tool you can share with those who have faith in God and those who don’t.

Thank you for your consideration!


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