The Man I Am

Posted: August 16, 2011 in Life
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Looked in the mirror

And what did I see

 Not the man I want to be

But a pale reflection

Of the man I am

Some of which

 I cannot stand

I want to be the world’s best dad

Greatest husband, never mad

 I want to be a loyal friend

Always faithful

 To the end

But I slip and falter

 Have a bad day

 I fail and struggle

 I lose my way

Then, somehow I stumble

 Down on one knee

 I pray, I cry

I weep, I plea

I turn me heart

 To the one above

The One who made me

The God of love

He gives me peace

Strength to stand

He gives me faith

When I have no plan

Then I look in the mirror

 I stare once more

At the same reflection

As before

But something’s different

A change I see

There’s a spark of light

Flowing through me

 Imperfect and flawed

Yes, that’s who I am

 But the Savior of all

Lives inside this man

A ray of hope

In a vessel of clay

 Now I’m ready

To face the day

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