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Ok… I’m frustrated! And what pray tell am I frustrated about? I am frustrated over the bad rap that “frustration” is getting. Frustration is not high on the list of coveted or even distained “emotions” and “feelings” like love or hate or anger or jealousy or fear or sadness. In fact, frustration doesn’t even make the list of emotions! So what is frustration? Is it an emotion? Is it a feeling? What is it?! Well, one thing I do know is… frustration can be a powerful force.

I guess I need to share a little bit about where my current frustration concerning “frustration” is coming from. It all started because I was in a meeting and shared some frustration. I was told that I needed to be careful with being frustrated. That is good advice. I heeded it. We do need to be careful with frustration because it can lead to the “dark side”! However, can we be too careful with frustration and dismiss it all as bad? This thought, this question has led me to my current frustration.

Here’s why. Whatever frustration is – emotion, feeling, an unnamable force – I don’t believe that all frustration is bad. Frustration can be destructive, however, it can also be a motivating factor for beneficial change.

As a Christian, Jesus Christ is my ultimate example. Besides being my Lord, and my Savior, He’s my hero. He’s my standard. He’s my life. So, I look to Him to lead the way. And there is a time in scripture, where Jesus is FRUSTRATED. Yeah, Jesus, who was perfect and sinned not. We read in the book of Matthew, Mark and John, how Jesus went in to the temple and turned over the tables of the money changers. Jesus was FRUSTRATED, because they were turning the temple into something that it was not to be. His exact words in Matthew 21:13 were:  “It is written, ‘My house shall be called a house of prayer,’ but you have made it a ‘den of thieves.'” Jesus got frustrated and made some beneficial changes that needed to be made.

This has happened throughout history. The Americas were discovered because FRUSTRATED merchants were looking for a shorter trade route. The Christian Reformation took place because Martin Luther looked around and was frustrated, because he didn’t like how the Church was being run. We drive automobiles because FRUSTRATED inventors got tired of walking and riding horses. Almost every modern invention we enjoy today was birthed out of frustration. Somebody thought, we can do this better.

So… is frustration good or bad? Well, I think it’s neither. I think it just is. What we do with our frustration will determine “frustration’s” future.

I was frustrated, so I blogged about it, and man do I feel better!

So what about you? Are you frustrated? Is it good? Is it bad? You decide… because remember… frustration can destroy or frustration can lead to beneficial change.

FRUSTRATION…. It’s future is in your hands.