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Freedom Reigns…

Posted: July 3, 2010 in Seasonal
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Such a powerful word.

A word so powerful, it was weaved into the very fabric of the Constitution upon which the United States was built.

A word so powerful, men and women will take up arms in order to defend it.

A word so powerful, men and women will lay down their lives rather than surrender the ability to practice it.

A word so powerful it motivates friends to argue its meaning; enemies to attack its foundation; politicians to exploit its power; authors to write of its merit;  artists to paint under its emotion; singers to voice its hope; and teachers to tell of its history.

A word that people spend a lifetime pursuing.

Freedom: such a powerful word. 

A word so powerful yet so expensive to defend.

A word so powerful, yet so difficult to define.

A word so powerful, yet so easy to abuse.

Freedom…the most sought after, highest priced, misunderstood, fought over word besides love.  But without freedom, we do not have the opportunity to show love.  But without love, we do not have the correct motivation to defend our freedom.

The price of freedom is always paid by those who love…

… their country; their family; their freedom and the freedom of others.

Independence Day is a time we celebrate the freedom we enjoy in the good ol’ US of A.

No matter what our political beliefs or affiliation, let us not forget the price paid for the Freedom we experience on a daily basis.  Let us not take for granted how precious our freedom is.

Thank you to every man and woman who has given their lives for this Freedom.  Thank you to every man and woman who has served in our military in defense of the freedom we live with on a daily basis.

God bless every one of you and God Bless America.